Bujinkan Buyu Lander

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Personal Protection and Defense of Others

What is an ethical warrior?  Simple, a protector of life.  Still confused?  Check out the links on the sidebar to the right.

This blog is inspired by what I have learned from Masaaki Hatsumi, Robert Humphry, Jack Hoban, Jeff Morrison, and a few others.  They have brought a richness and purpose to my life that I cannot imagine being without.  I will be forever grateful to them.  I will use this forum to post my occasional thoughts about the relationship between training for conflict and striving for peace, not as a professional, but as a civilian ethical warrior.

The timeless art of being a warrior is kept alive in the Bujinkan by translating what we have learned from the past and applying it to the present, in essence, constantly molding it to fit the “now”.  It remains fresh, relevant and usable for us and for future generations.
Keep Going,

Hannes Stueckler

(5th Dan, Bujinkan)


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