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Themes for the new year.

This link is for the annual theme message from my teacher,  Jack Hoban.  It is important that we follow what he is working on.


If you are going to train with us this year,  the book “Verbal Judo” is mandatory reading.  Have it done soon so that we can start applying it.   I am thinking that the end of January is not unreasonable.

When I (hopefully we) train with Jack later this year we will learn more if we have a head start.  Even if you can’t make it to his seminar, you can bet that we will be working on what I gain there for months.

I have some pet projects for the beginning of this year,  but training should be in full swing by the end of February. There will be training opportunities this month and next.  I’ll be in touch.

For now, plan on working on your sword skills for a month or two, and we will see where things go from there.  Bring a boken and iaito to class for a while.



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