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Back to the beginning.

Due to the much needed and appreciated rain this week, the “Danger Room” flooded.  Didn’t appreciate that quite so much.  Once the equipment dries out, it is going into storage, and we are going back to the park.

Four years ago, this spring, I started the school in the park, and now we are going back again.   I’m looking forward to the simplicity, quite frankly.


Want to learn how to use a staff?

bo_staffWe are pleased to announce the first of our martial arts for beginners seminars.  The class will be a fun and relaxed introduction to the basics of stick work for the martial arts student, the actor or the casually interested.  No experience or special physical ability is required.

The following concepts will be covered:

  • Basic grip techniques.
  • Basic footwork needed to maintain control of the staff and balance.
  • The relationship between speed, power and accuracy.  When each is appropriate, and how to create them.
  • Spinning the staff for combat effectiveness (and because it is cool…)
  • Practice combat forms (kata).  The student will learn several movement sequences that can be practiced later to reinforce the material learned in the class.Rokushaku_Bo_002_large

Some equipment may be available to borrow, as well as some to purchase.  It would be preferable to purchase your own rattan or hardwood staff prior to the class.  They can commonly be found for sale on the internet.  Your staff should be roughly the same height as you, slightly taller would be preferable.

bujinkan 250 001

Location:  Lander City Park
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013
Time: 9:30 am to 12:00.
Cost: $25 per student.

To enroll, click here

Questions?  Email bujinkanlander@gmail.com or call 307-463-4522

Good enough!

When you learn the warrior arts don’t worry that your techniques are not perfect.  Try to learn them well enough to get the desired effect.  As you grow in experience, you will be able to recognize your flaws and remove them one by one.

If there is a perfect way to do any thing, I have not found it yet.  Jut keep going.  That will be good enough.

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