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Aurora Colorado: Stepping back from the edge.

I hope that this event has not touched you directly, and if it has, you have my deepest heart-felt sympathy.  Whether or not we directly suffered from this, we all were hurt by it.

… This just puts me one step closer to losing complete faith in humanity…

After the much publicized shooting, I found that quote on a friends Facebook wall.   It is hard to disagree, isn’t it?  It has been too often that we have had to see the darker side of people, and tragedies like this make it hard to cling to the idea that people are not inherently evil.

I propose to you, gentle reader, that if we can get past the shock, disgust and fear of what happened, there is a very bright and inspiring side of people: Heroism.  The kind of heroism that we saw in Colorado was 100% pure-everything we love about humanity-I am going to die so you can live heroism, and lots of it.  At least 3 people lost their lives by shielding (and saving) somebody else with their body.  Many others who survived told about throwing somebody on the floor and covering them, or helping someone else get out the door by staying behind in the line of fire.  How about that?  Do people still suck?  Not all of them, and especially not when it comes down to life and death.  One act of evil exposed probably 25 acts of profound, beautiful, ultimate good.

Think about that for a moment, because it has happened time and time again.

May I ask you to imagine yourself in a situation like that?  Would you do the same for your family or the people you truly care about?  You might even do it for a stranger, like some probably did, and that would make you a Hero.  A Protector.  When asked their thoughts on why they risked themselves to help someone else, most of them say the same thing, “I am not a Hero, I just did what anybody else would do.” and they are right!  Most people would help if they could.    I know that I would, and I would be willing to bet that you would too, wouldn’t you?   Because of people like you and me, there are thousands of daily examples of that bright spark of greatness that is contained in all of us.

I have not lost faith in humanity because of this; I have gained it.

There are people who didn’t act very heroically, aren’t there?  Does that contradict everything I just stated?  It does not.  We will take a close look at that, and how not to be one of those people in the next post.  Stick around for Part 2 of this Blog, coming soon.


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